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About Belle-Suzanne:

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Contact Info and Location:

Belle Suzanne Raymond, BA, Licensed Massage Therapist

Phone: (503) 750-5431
Southeast Portland, Oregon
Oregon License #6681

Introductory Special: $50 for 1 hour, $65 for 90 minutes!

Regular Rates:


$30 for 30 minutes

$60 for 1 hour

$75 for 1  ½ hours

Cash or check only, please.
NO credit or debit cards accepted.


Office hours:

By Appointment only, variable days and times. Please call or email for schedule.


Some insurance billing available for Motor Vehicle Accidents

Some insurance accepted with doctor's prescription. Please bring the following insurance information to your appointment:

·       Doctor's written prescription with diagnosis code

·       Policy number and Group number

·       Claim number

·       Claim representative

·       Billing address

·       Social Security Number


My work includes...

·       Reiki Energy Healing

·       Pressure Point

·       Swedish Relaxation

·       Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) Injury Management

·       Referrals to other practitioners

My work is also influenced by...

·       Shiatsu

·       Reflexology

·       Swedish Relaxation

·       Deep Tissue methods by Jon Hart, LMT

·       Ayurveda

·       Therapeutic Touch

Wise Touch Healing, the massage therapy and energy work practice of Belle Suzanne Raymond, Licensed Massage Therapist, Oregon License #6681, serves the Portland, Oregon area by offering a unique blend of nonsexual bodywork through Reiki energy work and Shiatsu pressure point massage. This helps you access your own vital energy, brings organ systems into balance and releases muscular adhesions that cause pain and strain in muscles and connective tissues.

Mission Statement

To empower my clients, who are primarily women from varying backgrounds, through multicultural healing methods.


About Reiki

The word Reiki is Japanese, meaning 'light energy'. As a hands-on technique for energy healing, it affects one's emotional, spiritual, mental and physical well-being. It can help calm the mind, body and spirit, and open oneself to a positive path. In an era that is so fast-paced and stressful, Reiki is the ultimate for healing. Individual attunements and instruction available.

For more information on Reiki, click here.



About Shiatsu

"Literally translated as 'finger pressure', shiatsu is a Japanese form of body work designed to heal and promote health by influencing and improving the state of Ki [energy] in the body." - Paul Lundberg, The Book of Shiatsu

In my practice I combine Shiatsu with Reiki. I use pressure with my hands and fingers to improve the client's vital energy and bring Oriental-based organ systems into balance. Shiatsu meridians, or channels, are based on Chinese Medicine.

About Belle-Suzanne


Volunteer Healing Work:

·       Grace Memorial Episcopal Church - Community Center Auction


·       YWCA Portland - Previously incarcerated women


·       Students with disAbilities Union of Portland State University


·       Oregon State Fair, American Massage Therapy Association, Oregon Chapter


·       Mt. Hood Jazz Festival


·       Watoto Wa Dunia - Children of the World


·       Project Quest, Portland, Oregon

·       PaganFaire by SisterSpirit


Educational Experience

Some of Belle's thoughts on healing work:

I believe massage therapy and energy work are artistic expressions of peace and love for all beings. I am concerned about social and political change, and believe an excellent way to create larger changes is to start on an individual level. I am a health professional by trade and take into account the whole mind, body, and spirit in my work. I am concerned with healing on all levels, for all people and the environment.

My intake process and questions reflect my value for holistically approaching the clients with whom I work. I dream to see my clients become truly empowered: I desire for them to have wholeness in their lives and be able to access their inner strength and beauty in order to work through pain and live a balanced life full of wellness. The delicate but powerful relationship a massage therapist and Reiki Master has with her clients can bring out true, deep healing to the receiver on all levels: physical, emotional, spiritual and mental.

I enjoy working one on one with people in a therapeutic setting. My background in support counseling greatly adds to the physically therapeutic dimension of massage. Having earned my B.A. in Women's Studies and Anthropology, becoming a massage therapist has given me a truly holistic education.
From a personal standpoint, I wish to further my spiritual development and continue to do deep healing work on myself. I've found that facilitating healing for others also brings healing to the healer.

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